But Don’t I Need More Backlinks?

29 May But Don’t I Need More Backlinks?

backlinklogo250Here at Backlink Mate our focus is on providing you with the highest quality links possible. The reason for this is simple; we understand through years of experience in search engine optimization, that it is QUALITY of links that will see your site rise in the Google rankings not simply quantity.

Not All Backlinks are Created Equal

When I first began my journey in SEO there was a saying:

a link is a link is a link is a link”

In other words, it does matter what type of link it is, so long as it is a link to your site it is going to be helping you rank.

It has been a fact in more recent times that that is simply no longer true!

Upward-GraphEvery link carries it’s own value, both positive and negative. Google has become a lot more adept at ascribing value to links based on a range of factors and that value passes to your site when the link is pointed at your site.

What Makes a Good Link?

Given that not all links are made equal, what makes a link good? or bad?

There are a number of factors that you need to consider, including:

  1. Relevance – is the link from a site that is relevant to your site’s content? For example, if I have a NBA blog gaining a link from a sports news site is going to be far more relevant than if I gained a link from a site about household chemicals. The more relevant the site, the more valuable the link to your site.
  2. Authority – the other side of the relevance factor is authority. How authoritative a site is matters as a site that is more respected, has been around longer, is bigger and is more trusted is going to pass much more value to your site than a blog that was built a week ago with half a post on it. It’s obvious, but very important.
  3. Context – where is the link found on the site matters. For example a footer link for the website design company that built the site is not as valuable as a link that is contained within written content that actively endorses your site and the service / product / information you are offering.
  4. Editorial – is the link user generated or has been given under the discretion of the site’s owner? In other words, a link that is created on a directory via a user completed form is not a valuable as a link that has been editorially created by the site owner.

All these factors (and more) need to be consider in assessing the value of links.

Judging the Value of Links

OSEVarious SEO tools have means of measuring the value of the site and the links that come from them.

For example, Moz’s Open Site Explorer uses Domain and Page Authority (DA and PA).

Ahrefs uses Domain rating and URL rating.

Majestic uses Trust Flow and Citation Flow.


Each of these are useful is gauging a site’s relative size and strength.

Combining that with the “eye test” – how does the site look in terms of trustworthiness of content, design, quality and relevance – enables you to ascertain whether or not the link you are getting from that site is good or not.

Remember, not all links are created equal!

Quantity of Links

If, even after reading the above, you are just after quantity of links then this service is not for you. If you want 4000 comment links, or 10000 links from software created web 2.0 properties then go to Fiverr and go for your life. But ultimately the value of such links to your site is negligible at best and incredibly damaging at worst.

I have seen too many sites who’s rankings, traffic and business has tanked as a result of too many quick and easy, low quality links to waste my time going down that path. As a result, we don’t offer links en masse.

Our approach to provide you with a bespoke service, creating relevant and authorative links from a variety of sources, that will help your site rank higher as a result.

If you are looking to diversify your site’s link profile, get a boost from some unique and relevant site, or push you over the limit of where your site is currently ranking, then take advantage of our backlinking service today!

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